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Pennsylvania Land Fill – Ground Control to Major Tom…

Ok, so we’re not talking about a famous song, or NASA managing a flight in space. However, if you think flying a drone to map a 650-acre landfill that required highly accurate geometry and topographic elevations is easy, READ ON and learn why working with experts like DPK is key to advancing your project initiatives!

DPK Consulting’s Geospatial Division shines brightest when project parameters are challenging.

This project required more inadept precision planning due to ground conditions such as vegetated areas, fencing, ponds, and buildings. The landfill portion of the property rose 250 ft. above the lowest to its highest point.

DPK pilots met with the project team to discuss the project requirements. They were then able to determine the appropriate drone flight mode to utilize ultimately going with a Terrain Fallowing setting. The drone was also equipped with aerial LiDAR technology. The size of the site required more boots on the ground positioned so that keeping the drone in line of site could be maintained at all times. Additionally, DPK’s team assessed and expertly placed additional ground control points to ensure accurate georeferencing of the data.

With field work completed, DPK was able to manage the collected data without a challenge.  Our experienced CAD team and highspeed processing systems advanced the target deliverables from an extraordinary amount of field data very efficiently.

DPK achieved excellent quality control by utilizing their internal layered QC system. They also provided a detailed topographic data review with their client comparing the new data with previous years topographic information.

The DPK team helped their client achieve required compliance for annual topographic survey for sanitary landfills. They successfully delivered georeferenced, ortho-rectified maps of the subject areas with labeled contour elevation data, oblique property imagery and high-definition video.

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Rahway, New Jersey – Infrastructure Updates

Industry Segment:Petrochemical

Project:Infrastructure Maintenance and Updates

Site Location:Rahway, New Jersey

Summary of Work: 3D scanning was utilized to map targeted segments of the customer’s current infrastructure. DPK was able to successfully scan the site despite its extremely tight access and space issues due to infrastructure running under the New Jersey Turnpike.

Specific Process:

1. DPK completed field scanning of all exterior areas of the pipework, including the system
running under the NJ Turnpike.

2. Scan data was compiled, registered and validated to establish a 3D point cloud.

3. DPK identified and extracted all outlined pipeline and bridge features in the client’s scope of work and completed a 2D Plan view drawing.

Deliverables: Utility Infrastructure Survey.

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