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Lifelong Surveyor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Steve Parent, DPK Consulting’s VP of Business Development, was recently honored as the recipient of the William T. Murry Lifetime Achievement Award by the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors (NJSPLS).

At the Surveying industry’s annual conference, Survcon, in Atlantic City, NJ, Mr. Parent was awarded and introduced by James Heiser, DPK’s president and CEO. Mr. Heiser credits Mr. Parent for his career in surveying. 

This lifetime achievement award is in place to recognize and honor those who have dedicated themselves to upholding the highest standards of the land surveying profession. The award is given annually in honor of William T. Murry, one of NJPLS founding fathers. To be nominated for this award, the person must have made significant contributions over the years to the surveying profession in NJ. 

Steve Parent has certainly checked all the required boxes. “I’ve never felt that I was doing something just to pass time”, offers Mr. Parent. “Our work happens in such a wide range of environments, with hundreds of variables. It requires a high degree of accuracy and consistency as our work is then utilized by other professionals to advance the next phase of a project. I spent many years helping young professionals learn this vocation. How to approach this work with unyielding determination and sometimes creativity to get what is needed in the field. Above all, I believe my own commitment to customers drove me to push everyone on the team. Our tagline is Service Without Boundaries. That’s the way I approach each day, ”concludes Mr. Parent.

Those that know Steve well will echo these values when describing their experiences with him. Beyond the work itself, Steve is the type of person who will try to help anyone in need, whether it’s on a project site, or in everyday life. Congrats to Steve!

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