Professional Land Surveying Services

DPK is changing the value proposition in professional surveying. Clients are getting the quality they count on faster and at lower cost. How? New technologies such as 3D scanning and UAS (drone-based data collection) are being combined with tradition surveying methods resulting in high quality and far higher value deliverables.

Each individual task may not be measurably less expensive, however larger projects with multiple phases of development often require several deliverables. Having data collected from a single site visit using scanning or a drone creates a comprehensive source from which to extract important site assets over time without additional mobilizations.

Our service platform covers a wide span of industry segments including geospatial, environmental, construction, commercial and residential development. From Licensed Site Remediation Professionals to Architects, Builders, and Engineers, DPK provides highly-trained and experienced crews on your project sites.

Whether your project is large or small, let us demonstrate our value and you’ll benefit from a company with a deep concern for the success of your projects. We have a great appreciation for the privilege of serving you. Give us a call, or use our convenient Quick Quote form and a DPK representative will get back to you promptly. Thank you.