From Student Scholarship Recipient to President, James Heiser Assumes the Helm of the (NJSPLS) New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors


SurvCon 2024 – Atlantic City, DPK Consulting’s President and CEO James Heiser was sworn in as President of the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

Mr. Heiser has been an active member of the NJSPLS for over a decade . In addition to making presentations to colleagues at annual conferences, Mr. Heiser has served in leadership with two-year terms as Director-at-Large, Vice President, and President Elect. As a student recipient of a NJSPLS Scholarship award himself, Mr. Heiser’s commitment to the organization has been steadfast and has come full circle to lead the organization into the future.

“The scholarship was very helpful to me as a student at NJIT and I will always be grateful for that”, states Mr. Heiser. “The best way I can pay it forward is to work hand-in-hand with my NJSPLS colleagues to ensure students learn about the emerging opportunities the professional surveying industry offers. The entire geospatial arena has evolved through new applications and surveying technologies such as 3D Scanning and aerial drone mapping, continues Mr. Heiser. These technologies, and what they make possible, is why our industry will be attractive for the next generation of land surveyors. It is incumbent on us to work with leaders of educational institutions to expand curriculum and expose more young people to our industry”, concludes Mr. Heiser.

DPK Consulting Hosts Student Robotics Team!

“We had an amazing time hosting the Timothy Christian School (TCS) Robotics Team at DPK last month,” states James Heiser, President & CEO of DPK Consulting. “It was truly inspiring to see the incredible talent and innovation these young minds bring to the world of robotics.”

Last year, DPK proudly sponsored the TCS Robotics Team, and we were happy to continue their support this year. DPK has an ongoing record of investing in the next generation of STEM leaders, and the TCS team is a shining example of what happens when passion meets opportunity.

During their visit, the TCS team showcased their latest creation, a robot designed to tackle this year’s robotics challenge. From throwing a paper airplane to stacking plastic tiles, their robot demonstrated impressive versatility and precision. But beyond the technical skills, what truly stood out was their enthusiasm and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

At DPK, this same culture is at the foundation of their brand “Service Without Boundaries” and the same energetic spirit that drives their work.

As part of DPK’s commitment to education and innovation, they had the pleasure of sharing some of their own surveying technology with the students. From drones to cutting-edge 3D laser scanning equipment, it was a hands-on learning experience that sparked curiosity and imagination from the students.

“One highlight of the day was seeing the students’ faces light up as they discovered the connections between their own robotics projects and the real-world applications of technology in surveying,” adds Mr. Heiser. “It’s moments like these that remind us of the limitless potential of youth and the power of mentorship. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to David Stuhl and the entire TCS Robotics Team for visiting us and sharing their passion for robotics. Their energy and creativity are truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what incredible innovations this group will bring to the world in the future.”

DPK Consulting Reaches Its 25th Year In Business

We’re all fairly familiar with the stats on the challenges small businesses face when they open. With 65% heading to the exits within 10 years, reaching 25 is certainly a significant accomplishment. More exciting for us, however, is the work we’re doing to reinforce our strategic foundation so that DPK represents a place for young talent to develop careers and grow their families for another 25 years and beyond.

“My tenure as President and CEO of DPK has been exhilarating and like most small businesses at times, formidable,” states James Heiser, DPK’s owner and guide since 2014. “I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished both as a provider of progressive surveying and geospatial services, and a company built on strategic principles and a defined culture. We’ve thrived through acquisitions and a global pandemic. As a battle tested organization, I see all upside as we continue this journey. I’ll finish my thoughts with a thank you to our amazing customers, partners, and team members,” adds Mr. Heiser. “Without all of our key stakeholders, we could not have accomplished this quarter century milestone

DPK Consulting Featured 3D Scanning and a Myriad of Drone Applications to Environmental Consultants at This Month’s Site Remediation Conference

As a long-standing partner, presenter, and contributor to New Jersey’s Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association, DPK Consulting has become an integral source for LSRP’s and their clients in NJ, NY, CT, PA & DE by continually expanding their capabilities and geographic service area through the use of sophisticated technology.

DPK’s high tech solutions dramatically increase efficiency and deliver new and expanded capabilities that are shifting the value equation for site investigation, remediation planning, treatment system layout, and in the case of wetlands restoration, recurrent and required monitoring – just to name a few!

“It was great to connect with consultants and discuss solutions that help them solve problems more efficiently”, states Rich Smith, DPK’s Business Development Manager. “What consultants had not considered during our talks was how our new and more comprehensive site data can contribute to increased detail and clarity in their client proposals. We can also provide services in regions that were unreachable or impractical before this technology was integrated, adds Mr. Smith. “We can more safely fly our UAS equipment over large properties and provide a level of data detail that helps our customers with site assessments, safety hazards, potential source contamination areas, existing conditions issues, etc. The applications are endless” concludes Mr. Smith.


DPK Consulting is pleased to announce that we are a MEMBER CONTRACTOR with ISN!

“We are proud to become an ISNetworld qualified contractor”, states James Heiser, President and CEO of DPK Consulting. “Being vetted through the qualification process makes it more efficient for our customers to bid with us on their most important projects. Beyond the great relationships we currently maintain, we believe that this platform and network will introduce us to new customers requiring the same high standards for safety and quality.”

DPK Consulting is a land surveying firm specializing in 3D scanning and drone-based services for commercial land developers, engineers, construction professionals and environmental scientist working in a wide variety of industries.

They are well known for the quality of our work, their safety program, flexible scheduling, responsiveness, and competitive pricing, but what separates them from their competitors is defined in their brand tagline “Service Without Boundaries.” DPK embodies a companywide commitment to meeting the needs of their clients and delivering on-time, quality services and products.

DPK is licensed in NJ, NY, CT, PA & DE.

If you would like to discuss a project opportunity, please call 732-764-0100 and ask for Rich Smith or James Heiser. Or, visit their convenient 24/7 Quick Quote page to upload your SOW and site docs. A DPK project manager will respond promptly.

DPK Consulting is One of 29 to be Recognized by the 94th Annual Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards in NJ

Earlier this month, 29 New Jersey employers were honored with Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards, a program to recognize worksites – public and private – that have demonstrated effective safety and health programs resulting in the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses.

“I am pleased to announce that after our on-site OSHA review, we have earned the Safety and Health Performance Award for achievement in the prevention of occupational injuries,” states Ray Hyman, COO at DPK Consulting. “It’s not every day you voluntarily invite OSHA in to audit your operations. 4 OSHA professionals came and did a comprehensive investigation. The OSHA team reviewed 3 years of our logs, our Emergency Action and Response Plan, our Job Safety Analysis Sheets and other documents related to our extensive Health and Safety Program. I was confident because we keep our safety processes and procedures manuals current and spend a good deal of time training our employees. DPK Consulting has a long running commitment to Health & Safety so everything we do is based on best practices. I’m proud of our teams and our managers who support and reinforce safety on a daily basis.”

DPK Consulting maintains an EMR below 1 and have been a recipient of this award many times over the last 20 plus years they’ve been in business. According to Mr. Hyman, they welcomed the OSHA team’s reviews and appreciated the advice received on how best to sustain their processes and safety programs over time. He shared that every new DPK field team member gets their Hazwoper OSHA 40-hour in the first 30 days.

Winners of NJ Governors Occupational Safety and Health Award presented by Rob Asaro-Angelo, Commissioner of the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The 94th Annual Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Awards were presented during OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week Kickoff Lunch & Learn Webinar, which highlighted the roles of management and employees in finding and fixing hazards to ensure workplaces remain healthy and safe.

DPK Consulting’s record of safety is a critical part of their business culture. “Our goal is to have every one of our team members go home at the end of the day in the same condition they came in, states James Heiser,” DPK’s President and CEO. “Ray is doing a great job with our operations and is a big reason our processes and programs are as successful as they are. Beyond the safety of our people, our customers in the environmental and construction industries also value safety. It’s often a requirement and we work hard to stay on top of each organizations specific safety protocols.”

DPK Consulting is a land surveying firm specializing in 3D scanning and drone-based services for the environmental, engineering, construction, and commercial land development industries. DPK was an early adopter of safety as a culture. In addition to OSHA HazWoper 40-Hour, they provide their teams with comprehensive and ongoing Health & Safety programs, including Loss Prevention System, American Petroleum Institute, Shell Life Saving Rules, Chevron 101, CSX, NJ Transit and MTA. DPK is Avetta registered, and all crews are medically monitored.

DPK is licensed in NJ, NY, CT, PA & DE.

If you would like to discuss a project opportunity, please call 732-764-0100 and ask for Ray Hyman.

DPK Consulting Sponsors the LSRPA’s Battle at the Beach!

DPK Consulting Sponsors the LSRPA’s Battle at the Beach!

DPK Consulting’s Garrett Kendall, James Heiser, Eric Steeber and Doug Noel team up at the Annual Cornhole Tournament at Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant.

DPK Consulting has been a partner of the NJ LSRPA for over a decade and sponsor of many events and conferences. “Knowing that the proceeds go to educational scholarships, especially in an industry in need of young talent, is an easy one to invest in,” states James Heiser, DPK’s President & CEO. “It was great to spend time with my team and many of our customers while doing something good for the industry. The #LSRPA does an excellent job with their events”

DPK provides traditional surveying, 3D scanning and drone-based UAV services to help environmental consultants and engineers with broad range of services from monitoring wells/soil boring locations to drone-based environmental site investigations. Beyond high resolution photos and video, DPK helps consultants more safely isolate key site features such as contaminant source delineation that might otherwise be difficult to identify through ground level investigation.

For more information or to discuss a project opportunity, please call 732-764-0100 and ask for Ray Hyman.

Camp Johnsonburg – DPK Lends a Helping Hand for Kids…

DPK Consulting’s President and CEO James Heiser knew that helping his colleague, Bill DiBartolo, was simply a good thing to do.

Bill is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center, a 501c3 non-profit organization run by Presbyterian Camps and Conferences. This organization is dedicated to working and supporting year-round youth camps and adult retreats since 1960.

But that’s not where the story begins. Bill and James were classmates at NJIT. Both are members of the NJSPLS, and both serve on the legislative committee. DPK Consulting is also a subcontractor to Mott Macdonald where Bill works in surveying.

As the Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center approaches its 64th year of operation, its infrastructure is in need of upgrades to its roadways, hiking trails, electrical and water systems. These improvements along with many others will help sustain the organization’s programs and growth for kids through the coming decades. The property has not had any survey mapping since 1959. At roughly 300 acres, that can be an expensive endeavor.

That’s where DPK Consulting stepped in to help. Leveraging their Drones, LiDAR technology, and GPS, DPK was able to fly the property at an efficiency level that would have never been possible just a few short years ago. DPK provided geospatial data that the organization can now use as a basemap to support their current redevelopment projects, local permitting for new buildings, and future needs, such as planning and development of new property features.

“The staff at Johnsonburg and I are very grateful for DPK’s donation of time and equipment, as well as their experience to put together the property information we can now utilize to advance our facility’s needs,” states Bill DiBartolo. “We’re fortunate to have an industry partner who is willing to contribute and do some good for others”.

DPK’s Geospatial Division worked closely with the team at the Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center as well as the surrounding community. They encountered heavy vegetation across the entire property making the drone flight from the camp property nearly impossible. Good neighbors however allowed DPK’s team to use their personal property enabling them to launch from the highest point. This helped DPK maintain visual contact with their drone throughout the flight. GPS was utilized to set Ground Control Points for accurate georeferencing of the data.

DPK delivered CAD files, Orthomosaics, Point Clouds, Photos and Video through their Client Web Portal. This current property information will help the organization improve their facility for years to come and provide thousands of kids memorable experiences in New Jersey’s beautiful highlands.

LEARN MORE about DPK’s unique services and interstate surveying reach by calling James Heiser or Ray Hyman at 732-764-0010. From traditional surveying to the latest geospatial tools, such as 3D scanning and powerful drone technology, DPK creates an approach that delivers value beyond the initial scope of work.

EXPERIENCE Service Without Boundaries. Call DPK Today, 732-764-0100

DPK Expands Internship Program to Groom Next Generation of Surveyors

I met Tim Hydrusko at the annual New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors (NJSPLS) SurvCon event in February. Tim is a veteran surveyor of more than 20 years who is enjoying the “giving back” stage of his life. He volunteers with Habitat for Humanity every week. He recently earned a license to teach scuba diving. He travels the world with his five grandchildren, crossing off bucket list destinations along the way.

Tim and I instantly connected because we share a concern about the long-term, overall health of the commercial surveying industry. With 50 to 60 surveyors retiring each year and only about seven to 10 new surveying licenses being issued annually, a worsening talent shortage is looming if we don’t take action.

Although you need a four-year degree to get a surveying license in the State of New Jersey, you can’t just go to school to become a surveyor. Tim and I share the view that we as an industry need to be more proactive and creative about bringing more people to the surveying profession and training new surveyors.

I knew Tim would be the perfect person to embrace the newly created role of Director of Survey Education at DPK Consulting. Tim’s experience and perspective are critical as we build and expand our internship program and empower young surveyors to be successful.

Surveying firms no longer can simply recruit experienced surveyors whose numbers are dwindling. To sustain and grow the industry and deliver quality work for clients, there needs to be a commitment to training green surveyors from the ground up. That’s why we at DPK launched our internship program and are so excited to have Tim on board.


Learning by Doing – and Listening 

Our goal is to use our internship program to educate new employees and assimilate them to the DPK culture. We want to teach them the DPK way when they’re sponges seeking information to absorb instead of making them unlearn deeply engrained bad habits.

More than learning the technical aspects of the profession, we want new surveyors to understand how to solve problems and make sound decisions in different types of circumstances. This is only achieved through real-world experience in the field under the guidance of a seasoned veteran.

Tim recalls a pattern from his surveying career in which a field crew of three typically included one person who understood how to get the job done and two who needed help. Through consistent mentoring, an experienced mentor can provide the one-on-one training necessary to enable an individual who needs and wants help to succeed. A mentor can also make the determination that an inexperienced individual might not be cut out for this type of work.

Tim is a can-do professional who teaches young surveyors that there’s a solution to every problem if you’re willing to dig deep enough to find it. You need to have the mindset and attitude to overcome the obstacle instead of letting the obstacle defeat you.


Real-World Impact of Real-World Training

Derek Magruther came to DPK with about a year of experience holding a rod and prism. We wanted Derek to be on his own as quickly as possible, so we sent him to out to smaller job sites with Tim.

At one point, Derek couldn’t find some of the property markers required to complete the job. Tim showed him how to use the GPS to find the corners. Instead of calling the office or failing to gather the information he needed, Derek was able to get the job done. More importantly, he learned how to solve a simple problem by overcoming obstacles in a real-world scenario.

Tim isn’t teaching Derek how to push buttons. He’s showing him why to push buttons, when to push them, and what problems can be solved by pushing them situationally. That’s the benefit of working directly with someone like Tim who has seen just about every curveball imaginable.

According to Derek, working with Tim has been tremendously helpful in building his self-confidence. He’s learned how to approach challenges with the right mindset, make smart decisions in the moment, and apply best practices like an experienced pro.


DPK’s Commitment to Sustaining and Growing the Industry

Ideally, an internship program will enable inexperienced surveyors to learn more quickly, thrive and become future mentors of young talent. Through their own mentoring, they’ll reinforce and strengthen their own technical and problem-solving skills, creating a continuous cycle of teaching and improvement.

To support this process, we’ve defined what we want a DPK employee to be. We look for certain qualities when recruiting to ensure the people we hire fit the profile. We’ve also revamped our performance review process so we can measure each individual against that profile. This will help us feed the right talent into our internship program and continue to develop that talent in a way that benefits DPK, our clients, the young professional, and the industry as a whole.

As President-Elect of NJSPLS, I’m looking for ways to elevate and grow commercial surveying throughout New Jersey. This will require more firms to adopt internship and mentoring programs that identify and groom the next generation of surveyors to fill the talent pipeline.

Right now, retiring surveyors outnumber the new surveyors. We can close the gap – not just DPK, but all surveying companies. We can do this by looking beyond our own success and contributing to the success of the greater good.

We also need more people like Tim Hydrusko to share their knowledge with new surveyors. As Tim puts it, if surveying was good to you, it’s time to give something back because the industry needs you.

Let’s commit to growing the surveying industry and, at the same time, developing talent capable of delivering better results for our clients. After all, there is no greater reward than a satisfied client.

DPK’s Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Due Diligence

EPA defines “All appropriate inquiries” as a process of evaluating a property’s environmental conditions and assessing potential liability for any contamination. All appropriate inquiries must be conducted to obtain certain protections from liability under the federal Superfund Law (CERCLA). The specific reporting requirements for all appropriate inquiries are provided in 40 CFR §312.21 §312.31 of the final rule. The results of the inquiry are typically documented in a Phase 1 Property Environmental Site Assessment. Recommendations for the conduct of a Phase 1 ESA are published in ASTM E1527-13, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process and contain requirements for a records review, including historical aerial photography, a site inspection, and surrounding area survey. The Phase 1 ESA “shelf life” is generally good for 180 days. Thereafter, it should be updated including a new visual inspection.

Those in the environmental profession will agree that it is extremely fortuitous to find a historic aerial photo that is younger than 180 days. Prior to the advent of unmanned aerial systems (aka “drones”), with their HD cameras and sensors, the cost of commissioning an aerial survey of a property was prohibitive. After all, these costs are generally not recoverable if the property transaction falls through, as the prospective buyer usually incurs the cost up front. This all has changed. With the advent of FAA Part 107 authorization, the use of UAS for property inspection has expanded rapidly and is already standard accepted practice in the residential and commercial real estate markets.

The application of UAS surveys for Phase 1 ESAs is invaluable. Not only does one obtain a “bird’s eye view” of the property, but the drone can also be used to fly into areas where environmental professionals have limited access, due to either the size or condition of the subject property, barriers to vehicular or pedestrian access, dense vegetation, wetlands or natural hazards.

Combining the HD photography with digital photogrammetry solutions and remote sensing devices opens a completely new vista for the environmental due diligence practice. Application of photogrammetry permits the construction of high resolution 2D and 3D maps, digital elevation models and georeferenced orthomosaics that can be output as geotagged imagery, GIS Data (KML, SHP, etc.), 3D Point Cloud Data (LAS) or highly accurate CAD outputs (DXF, DWG, etc.). The work product can be overlaid by maps of thermal and spectral sensor data to identify factors potentially indicative of environmental degradation not visible to the human eye. Should the property evaluation and purchase proceed, the same drone assets and reference datum can be used for more refined investigation, ecological resource impact assessment, cleanup of contaminated hot-spots, redevelopment planning, building construction management, safety auditing and post construction asset management.

Having undertaken multiple UAS surveys as part of Phase 1 ESAs, including properties encompassing tens of thousands of acres and hundreds of miles of transmission assets, we can state unequivocally that this technology is a game changer for the environmental industry as we continuously look to improve how we work to better serve our clients and to produce the best quality product possible while remaining cost competitive. Best of all, is the sheer joy of watching our valued clients jump with excitement as the data feed streams live from our aerial platform to our mobile data center, allowing them to refine the view in real time, and target areas of concern for refinement of the tactical mission while boots are still “on the ground.” By that measure, the technology is priceless.

Putting a drone in the air over an environmental site is something that every consulting engineer or environmental services firm should be planning to do in 2022 if they haven’t already. CALL Tom Gregory or Steve Parent at DPK Consulting and learn more about the effectiveness and efficiencies of drone-based services at 732-764-0100.