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DPK Growth Results in Move to New Headquarters

New Class A space provides multifaceted benefits for both clients and team members

DPK Consulting, a professional Land Surveying firm, has experienced steady growth over the past few years. This success is attributed to many factors beginning with unequaled responsiveness to their customer’s needs and an ongoing commitment to the quality of their work.

But as most business owners would acknowledge, doing great work and providing excellent service in a sustainable way, must be supported by a strategic plan that recognizes all of the important components that enable the business to grow effectively.

“We are continually assessing every aspect of our business”, states James Heiser, partner at DPK. “Our internal processes, our team member roles, our culture – everything is part of the system.” continues Mr. Heiser. “With change being the norm and something we are openly embracing, it just made sense to mark this period in our development by beginning the next phase of DPK in an optimized environment.”

DPK’s new headquarters is a 25% increase in space from their previous location. More than just space, they had the opportunity to design their office layout to maximize workflow and internal collaboration between field and project management, and project management to drafting.

The office provides a very large conference room for both client and health & safety meetings; a large kitchen and dining area for team members to enjoy some down time. They are conveniently located off of Route 287 in Piscataway, making the deployment efficient throughout the region. It’s also far more accessible and convenient commute for team members. “Our old space was restricting our ability to optimize our operation. This location will more than support our projected growth and enhance our ability to attract new talent,” concludes Mr. Heiser.

In addition to increases in DPK’s primary business, they have also expanded their services platform. During 2016, they launched a Geospatial Division and brought on a dedicated director from a major consulting firm. This move pushed DPK into the forefront of new and innovative technology.

Adding 3D Scanning to our services offering has expanded the markets we can approach,” states Steven Parent, Partner at DPK. We are very encouraged by the demand we are seeing. While we are testing many new markets with our scanning capabilities, we are also finding higher value solutions to provide to our existing customers in commercial development/construction and environmental projects.

Established in 1999, DPK Consulting is a professional land surveying firm with a deep platform of high-value services, including Construction/Commercial, Environmental and 3D Laser scanning. They are located at 220 Old New Brunswick Road, Suite 201, Piscataway, NJ 08854. For more information about DPK, or to request a quote, call 732-764-0100, or visit

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