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DPK Consulting Reaches Its 25th Year In Business

We’re all fairly familiar with the stats on the challenges small businesses face when they open. With 65% heading to the exits within 10 years, reaching 25 is certainly a significant accomplishment. More exciting for us, however, is the work we’re doing to reinforce our strategic foundation so that DPK represents a place for young talent to develop careers and grow their families for another 25 years and beyond.

“My tenure as President and CEO of DPK has been exhilarating and like most small businesses at times, formidable,” states James Heiser, DPK’s owner and guide since 2014. “I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished both as a provider of progressive surveying and geospatial services, and a company built on strategic principles and a defined culture. We’ve thrived through acquisitions and a global pandemic. As a battle tested organization, I see all upside as we continue this journey. I’ll finish my thoughts with a thank you to our amazing customers, partners, and team members,” adds Mr. Heiser. “Without all of our key stakeholders, we could not have accomplished this quarter century milestone

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