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Camp Johnsonburg – DPK Lends a Helping Hand for Kids…

DPK Consulting’s President and CEO James Heiser knew that helping his colleague, Bill DiBartolo, was simply a good thing to do.

Bill is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center, a 501c3 non-profit organization run by Presbyterian Camps and Conferences. This organization is dedicated to working and supporting year-round youth camps and adult retreats since 1960.

But that’s not where the story begins. Bill and James were classmates at NJIT. Both are members of the NJSPLS, and both serve on the legislative committee. DPK Consulting is also a subcontractor to Mott Macdonald where Bill works in surveying.

As the Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center approaches its 64th year of operation, its infrastructure is in need of upgrades to its roadways, hiking trails, electrical and water systems. These improvements along with many others will help sustain the organization’s programs and growth for kids through the coming decades. The property has not had any survey mapping since 1959. At roughly 300 acres, that can be an expensive endeavor.

That’s where DPK Consulting stepped in to help. Leveraging their Drones, LiDAR technology, and GPS, DPK was able to fly the property at an efficiency level that would have never been possible just a few short years ago. DPK provided geospatial data that the organization can now use as a basemap to support their current redevelopment projects, local permitting for new buildings, and future needs, such as planning and development of new property features.

“The staff at Johnsonburg and I are very grateful for DPK’s donation of time and equipment, as well as their experience to put together the property information we can now utilize to advance our facility’s needs,” states Bill DiBartolo. “We’re fortunate to have an industry partner who is willing to contribute and do some good for others”.

DPK’s Geospatial Division worked closely with the team at the Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center as well as the surrounding community. They encountered heavy vegetation across the entire property making the drone flight from the camp property nearly impossible. Good neighbors however allowed DPK’s team to use their personal property enabling them to launch from the highest point. This helped DPK maintain visual contact with their drone throughout the flight. GPS was utilized to set Ground Control Points for accurate georeferencing of the data.

DPK delivered CAD files, Orthomosaics, Point Clouds, Photos and Video through their Client Web Portal. This current property information will help the organization improve their facility for years to come and provide thousands of kids memorable experiences in New Jersey’s beautiful highlands.

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