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Southington, CT is known as “The Apple Valley”, due to the many orchards that still dot its landscape. It also happens to be another Connecticut town DPK Consulting has visited and  perform flawless surveying.

DPK has been providing similar surveying services for this client in New Jersey for roughly five years. This project was the first one they requested outside of New Jersey. Having a license to survey in Connecticut, as well as many other states, DPK was happy to step up to the plate. Yes, it had a very tight deadline. Yes, it was a large property. And yes, they needed an ALTA Survey – the most detailed type of deliverable that shows all existing improvements, utilities and any other property assets observed. ALTA surveys also provide a surveyor’s findings with regard to boundaries and how they relate to the property deed and title.

DPK’s field team utilized a combination of traditional “on the ground” surveying and drone technology to capture comprehensive geospatial information about the property. Their licensed pilot flew the site with a high-tech drone while a colleague located boundary information on the property. A third team member observed the drone’s movements, supported the team with property feature sketches and developed comprehensive field notes for reference in the next phase of the project.

This approach ensured that high standards for accuracy were met while capturing the thorough site data needed to reference all property assets from the resulting digital point cloud. DPK went the distance and completed the scope of work efficiently, with very high quality and on deadline.

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Lower East Side New York – Infrastructure Upgrades

Industry Segment:Telecom Engineering

Project:Infrastructure Technology Upgrade

Site Location:New York, NY

Summary of Work: 3D scanning was utilized to map targeted segments of the customer’s current infrastructure. DPK was able to successfully scan the site despite its extremely tight access and space issues due to infrastructure running under the New Jersey Turnpike.

Specific Process:

1. Scanning of all exterior and surrounding areas of building.
2. Scan data was compiled, registered and validated to establish a 3D point cloud.
3. DPK identified and extracted all outlined features including windows, signage, doorways,
and equipment to produce a 2D drawing.

Deliverables:Exterior Facade Survey & Boundary Survey.

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