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If you’re not familiar with Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, know one thing, it’s another gem of many along the Jersey Shoreline. Developing a new housing subdivision with a 95 lots, however, has many facets and complexities.

This particular location in the area of Poplar Avenue and County Road, required a survey partner with deep experience to manage and deliver on a myriad of unique property details, such as stormwater discharge and a planned public access (by walkway) for a kayak launch along Patcong Creek.

DPK prepared the plat to conform with the New Jersey Title of Recordation Act, as well as the Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic County requirements. “I think a significant amount of the value we delivered to our customer,” states James Heiser, DPK’s President & CEO,“ was the knowledge of survey documentation needed for submissions to agencies like towns, counties, Tidelands, NJDEP, Army Corp., NJDOT, etc.” We are very accustomed to, and in fact excel in working on large projects with a variety of complex facets that typically arise during the design stage and well after the initial survey needed to purchase a property.”

This project included a topo survey leveraging aerial LiDAR topography, Tidelands, site tidal information for permitting, and many supporting documents, such as parcel mapping and descriptions. DPK’s subdivision expertise enabled them to accurately and efficiently prepare maps detailing easements, utilities, access, drainage, site triangle, open space, roadway vacation and roadway dedication.

According to Mr. Heiser, DPK customers have come to trust them for complex work and their eagerness to know more about the goals of a project. “Knowing the “why”, Mr. Heiser adds, “creates a context and increased continuity in what we are doing for our customers. Our people can focus on what’s most important. Even the timelines and project completion results are significantly improved. Maybe most important, our team members know what they’ve contributed and recognize how their role and talent helped a customer achieve success.”

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Manhattan, NY – Mixed Use Building Renovation

Industry Segment: Architectural Planning

Project: Building Renovation

Site Location:New York, NY

Summary of Work:3D scanning was utilized to map exterior facades and interior floor plans of a large and unique mixed use (commercial and residential) building in New York.

Specific Process:

1. DPK scanned all specified building exteriors.

2. A topographic survey was created for a rear yard associated with the residential segment of the building.

3. Interior scans were performed to determine floor elevations for all floors based on stairway landing elevations.

Deliverables:Exterior Facade
Topographic Survey
Interior Floor Elevation Verification

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