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You need 3 ALTA surveys, all out of state, and all on the same tight timeframe? No problem!

Handling multiple sites, all on the same tight timeframe, requires a deep bench that’s fully equipped and a project management process that ensures the customer receives the highest quality work on time. This is where DPK Consulting delivers!

DPK’s unique capabilities, in the field and operationally, enable them to excel despite these typically challenging circumstances. For their customers  – who are sometimes other surveyors – DPK exceeds expectations.

In fact, they want more customers with volumes of work like this. “These opportunities are now perfect for us,” states James Heiser, President, and CEO of DPK Consulting. “We’ve invested in leading edge geospatial technology and the talent to leverage it so that we could reimagine how high-quality surveying work can be produced. Not only are we able to do more in shorter timeframes, but we can also do so without sacrificing quality. Our unique methodology will enable us to expand our services to new vertical markets in broader geographic locations” concludes Mr. Heiser.

The results speak for themselves. DPK Consulting is innovating how surveying gets done. Their use of traditional surveying and the quality standards it yields, combined with the comprehensive data secured through 3D scanning and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is not only producing specified scopes of work efficiently, but is also expanding the number deliverables a customer can benefit from in later phases of a project ­– very cost effectively.LEARN MORE about DPK’s unique services and interstate surveying reach by calling James Heiser or Ray Hyman at 732-764-0010. From traditional surveying to the latest geospatial tools, such as 3D scanning and powerful drone technology, DPK creates an approach that delivers value beyond the initial scope of work.

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Manhattan, NY – Mixed Use Building Renovation

Industry Segment: Architectural Planning

Project: Building Renovation

Site Location:New York, NY

Summary of Work:3D scanning was utilized to map exterior facades and interior floor plans of a large and unique mixed use (commercial and residential) building in New York.

Specific Process:

1. DPK scanned all specified building exteriors.

2. A topographic survey was created for a rear yard associated with the residential segment of the building.

3. Interior scans were performed to determine floor elevations for all floors based on stairway landing elevations.

Deliverables:Exterior Facade
Topographic Survey
Interior Floor Elevation Verification

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