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High Performing Surveyor Offers Innovative 3D Solutions

DPK Launches New Geospatial Division Bringing Sophisticated Laser Scanning Solutions to The Field

DPK Consulting is a steadily growing professional Land Surveying firm that is known for responsiveness, flexible scheduling, quality work and safety. Now architects, engineers, construction contractors and environmental consultants can count on DPK for high-value 3D scanning services. 

3D laser scanning methods capture extremely comprehensive site data in a single field visit. The site information collected is assembled in what is referred to as a Point Cloud. From this point cloud data, a myriad of features can be extracted immediately, or over time, and delivered to customers without additional field visits. This increases overall efficiency and provides greater value across the lifespan of a project.

“In addition to expanding what we can do for our current clients, states James Heiser, Director of Geospatial Solutions, we can offer new services to expanded markets such as architects who need 3D models for the redesign/repurposing of an industrial facility or the restoration of a historic building. The uses for scanning are unlimited and very powerful”, continues Mr. Heiser. “We recently scanned and mapped a telecom facility to help them assess if their transmission and receiver equipment would work within their property boundary. We just received a RFP from a school who has a structural problem and a need to monitor a main wall that is bowing away from the building. Our scanning technology is ideal for mapping things like this”, concludes Mr. Heiser.

DPK is utilizing their laser scanning technology to add value to many traditional applications as well as many new ones, including:

> Facade Surveys
> Roof Top Surveys
> Interior Space Validation
> Floor Plans
> Historic Preservation
> Reflective Ceiling Plans
> Building Monitoring
> Topographic Surveys
> As-Builts
> Structural Modeling
> Dam & Bridge Surveys

Established in 1999, DPK Consulting is a professional land surveying firm with a deep platform of high-value services, including Construction/Commercial, Environmental and 3D Laser scanning. They are located at 220 Old New Brunswick Road, Suite 201, Piscataway, NJ 08854. For more information about DPK, or to request a quote, call 732-764-0100, or visit

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