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DPK Consulting Records Its 5th Consecutive Health & Safety Award

Well-known in the industry for service reliability and top-quality work, DPK also scores high marks in an area few other surveying companies invest in – health and safety.

DPK’s principals, Steve Parent and James Heiser, along with members of the DPK team, accepted a well-deserved Award of Merit at the 2018 Governor’s Annual Occupational Safety and Health Awards Program. This award is presented to organizations with an outstanding safety record throughout 2017 and are considered a pillar of achievement in the prevention of workplace injury and illness. DPK has consistently achieved this important goal each year since 2014.

“Our Health & Safety program has really matured, states James Heiser. “It’s very gratifying to see others at DPK embracing safety and taking the lead to sustain this critical element of our business. As much as it represents a differentiator for our company, I think all companies, especially those who provide field services, should be making this investment in worker health and safety”.

DPK has an impressive list of trainings and certifications, including:
• 40-Hour OSHA HazWoper
• Loss Prevention System (LPS)
• Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
• CSX, E-railsafe, NJ Transit Roadway Worker and MTA-NYC Transit Track Safety certified
• American Petroleum Institute (API); Shell Life Saving Rules; Chevron 101­
• Browz & Avetta registration
• And, medically monitored field crews

Established in 1999, DPK Consulting is a Commercial Land Surveying and 3D Scanning Services firm. They provide a deep platform of high-value services to Construction, Commercial and Environmental markets. They are headquartered at 220 Old New Brunswick Road, Suite 201, Piscataway, NJ 08854.  For more information about DPK call 732-764-0100 or request a quick quote.

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