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DPK Consulting Moves to Larger Headquarters to Support Growth

DPK Consulting is moving its corporate headquarters to a new, 9,000+ square foot facility at 200 Metroplex Road in Edison, NJ. Their continued growth in the environmental and engineering markets has the company expanding both field crews and CAD systems team members. Additionally, the recently announced acquisition of Geomatix, LLC. has added more people and greatly expanded their services platform. The anticipated need and decision from company leadership to invest in more space is being rapidly validated.

“Our growth pace is exceeding my own expectations,” states James Heiser, President & CEO of DPK Consulting. “It’s very gratifying to follow best practices and strategic planning and have it all come together this way. Our team is filled with talented and very experienced professionals. We are far stronger than we were just several months ago,” continues Mr. Heiser. “In addition to our commercial land surveying and 3D scanning capabilities, we are now able to expand our services platform to include software-driven drone services and high-tech direct sensing and analytics for a broad number of commercial applications. Our future looks very bright,” concludes Mr. Heiser.

DPK’s new office space also contributes to their internal business culture and goals of creating a positive and collaborative work environment. The new workspaces are defined but in open space to foster dialogue between interdependent teams working on complex projects.

“We are very excited about this new space,” state Ray Hyman, DPK’s COO. “With front and rear entrances and ample parking, it’s very convenient for team members to come in and out efficiently. The new office space is highly secure with electronic key card entryways. We’re surrounded by windows letting in a lot of natural light. There is a kitchen and break room with multiple tables, we even have a food services facility in the lobby,” Continues Mr. Hyman. “Everything that makes an office employee friendly is amplified here. Unlike our current layout, it will be amazing to have everyone in the same suite,” concludes Mr. Hyman.

DPK’s is targeting December 1st to occupy their new headquarters.

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