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DPK Consulting’s 3D Scanning Division is Growing!

Investing in new equipment and technology is always exciting. Finding talent in technical industries to operate it, can be a far bigger challenge. At DPK, we’re fortunate to have an extraordinary group of people. Some are experienced mentors willing to pass on their knowledge to train and grow our highly capable team. Others are young professionals eager to learn new technology and apply it and contribute towards successful projects for our customers.

Today, DPK has doubled its capacity in 3D Scanning and is applying the technology to a wide array of surveying functions. If you’re interested in how 3D Scanning can enhance your engineering, construction, or environmental projects, call DPK at 732-838-6035 and speak with one of our industry leaders.

If you have a project in mind, email your scope of work to Ray Hyman, and we’ll respond with a proposal promptly

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