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Gloucester County, NJ Warehouse Renovation

Project: Interior renovation/space validation of warehouse

Site Location: Gloucester County, NJ

Summary of Work:

Purpose/Use – Our work helped the client to design and more efficient use of their vast warehouse space. This required a more comprehensive and accurate map of what was currently there. Using 3D scanning, DPK was able to accomplish in a fraction of the time and cost as compared to manual measurement.

Specific process:

  1. We completed field scanning of the interior and portions of the exterior warehouse tying into the existing control for the lock boundary.
  2. Scan data was compiled, registered and validated to establish a 3D point cloud.
  3. Identify and extract typical and atypical column dimensions, interior walls, entrances, misc. equipment and utilities.


3D scan was converted, with feature extraction, to a 2D map.

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